Investment in alghurair giga mall extension ??

Giga mall extension has been launched now. 4 year installment plan with 15% down payment and 15% at possession. As being told it will also be connected to giga mall.

Can anyone suggest, if it would be a good and safe investment. Especially those who have experience with giga mall and d-mall etc.

One positive thing for me is that compared to giga mall/wtc , this one is more likely to succeed as giga mall is success already and d mall will be completed by next year.

But also heard some not very good experiences related to giga mall.

Need opinions plz.

I think D-mall is best option as it near to complete if you compare prices with Giga mall Ext D-mall is still cheap.Aluminum and glass company started work and i hope end of this year or start of 2022 give possession.D-mall launch in 2016 and work start in 2017 and going to hand over in 2022 so you must think that Giga Ext will take time at least 5 years to complete.D-mall almost 75% ready then why go to Giga Ext in high price which will take time?


Dear No name.

The only problem with Al Ghurair is that they trick you to get your property on long-term lease and manage rental themselves. Naturally, they don't pay you actual rent. So if you hold strong and do not fall to their tricks, then your property will give you great return, both in rent as well as resale.

Dear Nadeem and Isloo,

Thanks for the valueable info.

More info: If someone have bought shops in D-MAll or GIGA Extension and paid some or most installements. Is it possible to re-sell with some profit? Especially if someone don't want to get into agreement or rental issues with GIGA.


You can sell any time after booking. Profit depends upon market. This is the general understanding, but you should definitely check this with Al Ghurair upon booking. Normally, they have no issues. All they need is timely payments.

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Zeta 1 and dmall are good choices in that belt.