Is bahria town rwp/isb really that inexpensive?

You get small run down house for 25,000 to 40,000 range in g10, g11, and even i10 sectors but bahria town has lines of seemingly newly built 10 marla+ house. Are they for real or spammy ads? If they are real, why are people still living in slum-like condions of i10 and i9?

Mainly it’s due to location of mainland islamabad but Bahria is not cheap either

What ads u r referring to?

Good question.

That is our main problem as a nation. We buy mehran instead of japanese cars, we go to i-10 with small streets and broken roads instead of bahria ph 8.

We vote for pmln and ppp instead of some new politicians.

Rightly said, we are a queue follower (speaking in general), even if that leads to no where.

However, fortunately or unfortunately, CDA prime sectors F/G/I, or ST. Town despite hugely overvalued are benefited with the Universal Benchmark for Real Estate, i.e., 'Location' considering the proximity to down town Capital and official/economic areas. Institutes/Offices etc. from Sector F-5 to H-12 and ST. Town B, D block are likely to stay there for the rest of foreseeable future, unless there is a dramatic change of plan and fast paced decades of development to shift those to somewhere else. BT due to quality of development and facilities will remain decades ahead of CDA and alike entities, however, even if the Expressway has been made an 8+ lane on each side, post Gulberg Route, moving out of ISB on official hours can be a night mare to travel, same with the GT road.

Quality of development somehow compensates to some extent for the location (e.g., BT-P8, B-17), etc. but ask any tenant commuting to work in suburbs of ISB he/she will probably settle for 5 Marla, old unit than a 10 Marla brand new for same price in favor of Location and Access. Far off location will add to commute time, exhaustion in traffic, fuel price and with multiple family member (Parents working and kids to schools/colleges/universities), that can be a nightmare.

There is a difference between Renting and Construction preferences. For rental, those sectors can be hot property but for constructions and own property far-off but quality projects are on the rise.

Another factor is also the old classical Supply-Demand, for now BT-RWP beyond Phase 5 has oversupply of both commercial and residential, compared to the above mentioned CDA sectors and also on the basis of Proportion of Commercial to Residential.

There is a scenario too where one can 'rent out' his house in lets say P-8 or B-17 and with that rent he can 'rent in' a smaller home for him/her-self in those sectors.

100% agreed on what Imtiaz Sb said.
However “ I live in Islamabad” fantasy is still working. Recently I was in conversation with a gent who was in a que with me waiting for our turn to counter. Very interesting conversation:
“Bhai did you make any house in Pakistan”. He asked me
“Yes sir, Alhamdulillah, I did”. I replied
“ Me too, a 5 Marla in G-11”, was the reply.
“In DHA-2”. I responded.
“How big”. A quick query was shot
“Jee one Kanal”
“Oh, so You are living in Rawat?”. An immediate response.
“ Yes sir, my location is near Rawat”.
“Why not Islamabad, see I live in Islamabad and you selected villages neighborhood ”….Counter approached and our much educative discussion was dissolved.
Yes Capital shall always be good but then there has to be a compromise between good and not so good options. Well “not so good” is again a relative term.
Personally, there is lot of difference between BTs/DHAs & Islamabad non VIP sectors, entering to your place after long work hours, When you pass the entrance gate, your tiredness is gone as you are retiring to an esthetic place with full of life happenings you and your family always love to have, yet inexpensive place compared to the CDA sectors.

True, all boils down to

Practical Convenience vs Better Quality

Its mentality of our nation, They refer Saddar Rawalpindi, Or tench Bhata type conjusted areas to live instead of neat and clean societies. They can pay 1 crore for such slumps but think bahria or other such societies are far away from railway station, airport & metro.

We are dirty by nature. We dont understand Being neat & clean society is half or our Deen.

Imtiaz bhai

What are St. Town & P8?

Im living in isb since long but never heard of such trems for any housing area..

Apologies, Hamayun bhai, I should had written the full form, i.e.,

P8 = Phase 8 and ST. Town = Satellite Town.

Re: Quality vs Practical Convenience

Its a Universal thing too, that in proper metropolitan areas from Sydney to London to NY City, people can opt to rent in or live in store rooms or a bed in the Kitchenette/living room (instead of a proper and quality apartment at slight far off location) as far as needs and supply-demands go.

Even a 1000+ sq. Ft. Apartment in Centaurus can cost 30 million plus that equals a decent, quality built 1 Kanal in some really good locations like BT or DHA or even a Farm House in Gulberg Greens (in that approximate price range). However, there is a category of people who prefer the first option over the later, for whatever reasons...

Location, location, location.

No match for CDA sectors location.

I think reason is very simple:
Location is first preference for the commuters and the family having kids in schools and Unis.
The people who are done with these responsibilities, would always opt for esthetic living with security and top class civic amenities, such as BTs/DHAs etc.
If no kids in schools, Universities and no job in capital, who will like to make house with a fortune, no water, no cleanliness, no security, no independence to walk outside in late hours, overflowing trash skips with dogs & cats & downtown traffic.


CDA sector mentality is dying now. Mostly old grandpa mentality people are still fascinated by CDA sectors where infrastructure is crippling. G-10 and G-11 has no water, G-14 has zero water. People buying contaminated water tankers for 35-4500.

Even animals move away from the places which have no water. But some of this older generation are dumb as brick and never give-up their ways.

Also government is not moving offices and big businesses out of Islamabad which is bringing more people in instead of helping them move out so city can remain a viable place.

One of the basic advantage of living in CDA sector is cheap and quality education for middle class. Govt schools are better than the private schools of Punjab. In CDA areas private schools have stiff competition with govt schools so standards for private schools are also so high, main colleges and universities buses covers all major CDA sectors so transportation is also so easy for higher education.

I am thinking to move to DHA or BT but only education of my daughters stops me. What are your thoughts on this and what is your per month expense per child living in BT or DHA. Also what are good schools and colleges in these areas.

Well, for those edgy teens who are bashing "Pakistani mentality" without knowing ground reality: I live in i-10 and I envy those who get the option of living in Bahria Town. But I have to commute to a nearby university in one of H sectors daily. As much as I would like to live in DHA or Bahria, it would easily add 1 hour+ to my daily commute time, which is an idiotic thing to opt for.

I guess other people have similar concerns but I'd say that we deserve better for what we pay. I-10 is truly a slum and no family should live in 5 marla boxes. I pity them, including mine.

There's another option: H13 but it's full of problems, too.

Our only hope is upwarad mobility. I hope I'll be able to afford a nice house in G-8 or an apartment in F-11 Markaz some day...

No argument at all that CDA schools are best, economical and coupled with transport system. Also H sector Universities being added benefit. Public transport system is another advantage in Islamabad.
For DHA residents, there is army public school in DHA-2 having excellent standard and in phase-8 Dr. AQ Khan school is equally good and economical. Phase-8 & DHA-1/4 Fauji foundation university is also very reputable. If RRR gives access to NUST University, then all medical & engineering education will be available for DHAs/BTs student with an economical living as CDA sectors rent are very high.
Still CDA education sector offers much more than the DHAs & BTs do.

Hats off Nasir sahib for having so much care for the education of your daughters!!!


Hats off again Sir!!!

You would make a great Father In Sha Allah

Some sort of meet in the middle is Cooperative Housing Societies developed in and as CDA sectors (MPCHS B-17, E-11) and other names likes CDECHS. Nearer to mainstream capital (E-11 etc.) and way better then CDA sectors infrastructure.

BT/DHA are good enough however BT may be comparatively economical but can't keep it away from lots of recurring mess and the cost each time had to be paid by the clients/residents.

For example, in getting BT KHI saved, it had surrndered thousands of Acres for the area whose files were already sold and a big number of affectees (Paradaise City, Sport City and some other precincts) - as per the source.

Sorry for interrupting in between but calling our elders as dumb and humiliating someone just for unfairly highlighting BTs and DHAs is insane. JDM should correct his info about G sector, it has no issue of water except few problems in parts of g-13 and g-15

To whomever that may concern, speaking in general

Unfortunate fact that in the era of Social Media 'Mouse-Click-Pundits' pour all their 'Keystroke-Intellect' into bashing and trolling as a means, hiding behind the fancy LEDs, to name call and let the inner frustration reflect.

This has crept-in rapidly in such discussion forums!

Best Strategy: Ignore

In my opnion, the only reason of continous rise in CDA sectors or Muhalla Abadis is that we are blind followers, we love to complain rather than fixing it and absolutely hate change.

Lets take Satellite town. It was a good place to live 10 years ago. But now its way more pouplated.

One of my cousin who lives in Satelite town and studies in QAU also give these kinds of reasons that universities and everything is nearby etc.
But I have noticed that to reach satellite town from QAU, it takes 25 minutes but his bus is always full. He never gets a seat and always complain.
and QAU to T Chowk. May be takes 20 minutes more but there is always space for seats in that route....
They have two cars and also every day they fight with there neighbours for wrong parking and there 30 to 40 minutes gets wasted because other tenants wants to get there car in/out and they have to move there car as no space for parking in the streets.
When they go shopping in Commercial market, everytime they complain about traffic and rush .. but end of the day. They say " Alhamdullillah Satellite Town mein sab milta hai " :D