Is park view lahore politically shaky?

I have often read some members, i particularly remember isloo sab, stating that park view islamabad is set on a rather shaky ground and its success is linked to pti government. When the government ends, the society will face issues.

The claims are not particularly incredible. We all know what happened to paragon now that saad rafique is out of power. It wouldn't be too unbelievable if issues crop up later.

What i am wondering about it whether there are any systematic issues with park view lahore that may crop up later? Or is it just islamabad that may have shaky foundations, metaphorically speaking. What exactly are those issues if any expert could help me?

The shaky factor is NOC and to see if any 'forest land' included/mountain cutting! PVC-ISB

Most probably, yes ...

@Ali Kamran

Park View Lahore is officially part of DHA Phase 8, so no issues there. You can double check with local dealers to get further details.

PVC Islamabad is however Abdul Aleem Khan's endeavour who is enjoying power being in the govt and therefore on totally shaky grounds. I would quit PVC while still there is time, otherwise it'll be too late.

Thank you for the replies, gentlemen. It is a relief. I am currently considering Al Jalil Garden, Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 or Park View Lahore for a plot and as someone who is mostly a newbie and is just setting out on my real estate investment journey, I am slightly afraid of mistakes :D I will obviously visit all of these soon.

If any Lahore expert would make a recommendation about which one of these (Al Jalil Garden, Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 or Park View Lahore) is the best, I will really appreciate it.

Al Jalil and Al Rehman if I am not wrong are from the same developer right ? What I can suggest you here is to get your hands on a possession plot where you know your street and plot number. Getting into files can be risky as its your first dive into the real estate investments. If you have a back-up and have skills or connections through which you can quickly trade the files at 100k 200k profit I would suggest to start trading. You need to do proper research before buying on NOC, status of the builders and development work on ground. I think seniors from Lahore can guide you properly. Also, do not purchase in a hurry spend 20 30 days on research before you buy.