Islamabad zone 2 vs zone 5

Zone 2: - future new airport; - near zone 1 (which will lead to merger with zone 1); - future new roads (Margalla Avenue; blue area extension; Kashmir highway extension); -many new residential schemes including proper CDA sectors like 1-14; i-15 and i-16. - near Rawalpindi. - easy access to motorway for Lahore and Peshawar. Zone 5: - very posh societies like DHA and Bahria; - future projects and roads; - future schools and universities planned; - likely to have posh commercial areas due to DHA and Bahria Town. Which is better for investment zone 2 or zone 5?

Well from the info you have given, zone 2 looks much better. However, the analysis is quite biased in favor of zone 2. There are several other points that need to be included in a decision. The pace of cda to complete the margala and blue extension road projects could be a decade or more looking at the history (d-12 took over 22 years to get to where it is today and even today it's perhaps 5 years or more away from being good for living). E-12 maybe decades away from being completed and living. Looking at the dollar-rupee trend line, rupee could be who knows where by that time. For zone 5, there was absolutely nothing there in the year 2000, just baron land. And today the baharia phases are the finest project in rwp-isb and dha 2 is getting fast populated. The cinema and major commercial markets have already started to do very well. You can live and enjoy a v good lifestyle today. Zone 2 i think may be a better return on investment but with 2 caveats: A. Higher risk (the chance of price stagnating for years if the projects are delayed; and B. Not good for living next 5 to ten years and perhaps never having as good living (quality standard) as bt or dhai. This is my opinion (though i strongly believe the above to be the case).

@Amir Ayyaz I only want people to shed some light on both sides of the picture i.e. In favour and against zone-2 and zone-5 for the benefit of the general public so that they can make an informed decision about where to put their lifetime savings. As for me, you are right, i am indeed of the belief that zone-2 is better - because main roads from zone-1 will definitely cross gt road and go through zone-2 sectors and societies for two reasons: (i) Firstly, because zone 2 is contiguous with zone i and there is no other zone in between zone 1 and zone 2; (ii) Secondly, the new Islamabad international airport is also touching zone-2. Work on Margalla Avenue is already started and the present govt is trying its best to complete it before elections. As for d-12 and e-12, these are in zone 1 and Margalla Avenue will pass very close to these 2 sectors. D-12 has now started and it is only a matter of time when you will see sizable population in d-12 especially after Margalla Avenue. As for zone-5, I agree with you that there will be posh localities and commercial areas in this zone because of DHA and BT, but this zone does not touch zone-1 (which is still considered the so-called real Islamabad). In between zone 1 and zone-5 there is Rawalpindi. But between zone 1 and zone 2, there is only GT Road. If there are roads that go through fly overs above gt road, then zone 2 will merge into zone 1. Sectors like g-15; f-15; g-16; f-15 will become very close to zone-1 sectors like g-13 and g-14. Because of new airport, this is only a matter of time. But only Allah knows about the future, we can only guess.

Is any development started in I-15 CDA sector as I have one plot there. Please update me. Thanks