Leaving House Empty In Lake City

Assalam o alaikum,

Is it really safe in pakistan to leave a newly bought house empty for long in gated communities such as lake city or bahria? Suppose i purchase a house and leave it empty for around 8 months in a year?

Waqas javed

Sir please jane se pehle

1.karebi masjid mai elaan kerwatay jain

2.ager ho sakay to mujhe apna h. No. Bata dain rest i'l take care of it.

3.if not enough police walo ko zaroor inform ker k jana they are more efficient then thief

Hahahaha thief

Thief sb…Apne name kay spelling theek ka lein =P=P

Thanks saadi that was a typo

comments mai sahi but nick mai ghalat :)

Hahaha , thank you for a very comprehensive response, couldnt have been better

I am sure you have take “very good care” of many houses :slight_smile:

Don’t know about other societies but Bahria is very good in that, my cousin who lives in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia is keeping a awami villa in Phase 8, before 2 months due to wind and rain, the door opened because it was not properly locked and they had some household items stored in that villa, the security guard alerted the head office security and they called him back in Riyadh to let him know about that, he called me and i requested the guard to kindly lock it down from outside as it was late and i can come tomarrow to take care of it, they did that, everything was safe.

Mr.Waqaas we never miss out a deal tagged with freeeee

Never think of that…Get hire a watchman and just leave him in house…

Yes, hire a watchman for the time you are out, pay him 7-10 k per month and he will keep the house clean and will guard it, this is the best possible way :slight_smile: