Live updates - (Day 2)

Welcome to the live updates page for the Property Expo 2014! This page will keep you updated on each and every bit of the event, complete with reports and pictures.

Stay tuned to this page and get blow-by-blow accounts of things as they unfold!

Attending the expo

#ZameenXpo: Chief Guest Mr Nayyar Ali Dada inaugurates Property Expo 2014.

#ZameenXpo:’s very own Mr Rashid Zia recites the Holy Qur’an

#ZameenXpo: Mr Nayyar Ali Dada delivers the opening speech.

#ZameenXpo: CEO Mr Zeeshan Ali talks to the visitors.

#ZameenXpo: Check out our live stream here

#ZameenXpo: Media personnel cover the Property Expo.

#ZameenXpo: Chief Guest Mr Nayyar Ali Dada visits different stalls.

#ZameenXpo: staff talks to real estate experts.

#ZameenXpo: Kids visit stalls with their parents.

#ZameenXpo: Visitors view Magazine. Property Expo 2014 is an excellent initiative for the real estate sector of Pakistan. I am more than satisfied with the event,” says Safari Estate Chief Executive Office Mr Muqarab Warraich.

#ZameenXpo: CEO Mr Zeeshan Ali Khan discusses the general activities of the Expo event.

#ZameenXpo:’s regional managers discuss the general happenings of the event.

#ZameenXpo: Expo Centre is swarming with visitors.

#ZameenXpo: CEO Mr Zeeshan shakes hands with a real estate expert.

#ZameenXpo:’s very own sales team briefs visitors about the portal.

#ZameenXpo: Visitor wins merchandise at Wheel of Fortune. :slight_smile:

#ZameenXpo: Media interviews CEO Mr Zeeshan Ali Khan.