Looking at buying a commercial plot

What is better to invest in for a commercial plot in phase 8 bahria town? There is bussiness district. Ringroad commercial and hilltop commercial. Which do you recommend will be the best investment for long term ?

Adam sb

Ring road vicinity and bzness district commercials no doubt good investment but payback will be slow.

RRR bound locations already appreciated out of proportions...still may do but correction will happen as RRR is being played by govt baboos on daily basis...Sure, it cannot be stopped now as it now beyond the baerocracy's tricks. These haram khors want to delay on obvious reasons!

You can explore phase-8 overseas commercials as they are most hot in phase-8 and an immediate selling after construction is highly likely

TC is the way to go, as far as commercial for short and medium term ...

Rest, if only P-8 is the interest, AQ sb has rightly pointed the prospects!!

Im not sure would be the best. I am a overseas pakistani and im looking to invest but need help to know were is the best to invest. I need more information i only know about phase 8.

The commercial plots in front of G-13 or G-14 on Srinagar Highway..

These were auctioned by the Govt a week ago.

This is the best location. Anyone who has information regarding these plots and the high rise buildings that will be constructed on them should please share it here.

This is the best commercial option available in Rwp/Isb.

Any information anybody has will be helpfull as i really not sure about anything im very new

Anyone with this information?

PECHS Islamabad is the best investment option

Bahria Town phase 8 Overseas 5 commercial area is a good place as AQ sahib has already pointed out if you are only interested in investing in BT phase 8. Beware that Overseas 5 has 2 commercial areas one close to a village which is not so good but the other one is good both for renting or reselling.

I have been recommended phase 8 ring road commercial?

Ring road if ever materializes, will have it's own high level commercials and big boys are already on their feet to secure their investments around.
Being near to RRR, is ease of exit from Pindi and for that purpose residential near ring road is preferable for future appreciation.
From RRR angle, commercials in Pricents, for example #2, will appreciate but on slow pace. The govt designed RRR commercials on sides will catch most of the public.
Bahria commercials near RRR, still no flyover in design for phase-8, will appreciate on the strength of nearby residency...which is " honooz dilli door ust"!.

What about gulberg green?