Dear friends,

I am an overseas Pakistani and I want to invest 25 lacs in Islamabad for 4-6 years. In my budget I have short-listed B17 or F15 (plot size doesn't matter) for purchase. Can you please compare these societies and developers, also considering that I won't be around to lookafter for long periods. Please also guide on other possible options.

Many thanks and regards, Syed Ali

Dear Syed Both of them are good developers. As far as investment purpose and future wise JKCHS is now a days better then MPCHS. First of all JKCHS location is much better then MPCHS its on the kashmir highway and very near to main Islamabad. 2ndly development work of F-15 is done more then 60 percent and they will complete it with in 6 months or 1 year. So for investment purpose and location wise JKCHS is much better then MPCHS.(Personal Opinion)

AOA, F-15 is very near to Islamabad. But most of the land of F-15 is not level. B-17 is very well planned and these days lot of activity there. One can invest for 4-5 years in non developed blocks D and E. The Road from B-17 to D-12 is already approved by CDA. So I personally prefer B-17 for 4-5 years investment. G-15 is also very good option and one can find 30*60 size plot in this range.

Well F-15 is more near to islamabad as compared to B17 but MPCHS is a better quality organization as compared to JKCHS ... MPCHS has demonstrated in various projects e.g. E-11/3 that it can develop far better quality sectors as compared to other socities in Zone II ... it's quality is even better than CDA if i can say ...

B-17 is indeed a good option and development is going ahead quite quickly but still there's a catch and that's the location.i reckon f-15 will be a good option and no doubt it will have more ROI as compared to b-17. i am not an expert just puttin my bits in....cheers :)

I would prefer B-17 due to the fact that it is a larger society with in total around 10,000 plots in the various blocks. It is well planned, and will be a good self sustained community in the future. It will at some stage in the future linked to Islamabad via a new road taking you direct to Faisal Mosque. It has a direct approach on GT road and is not obstructed by any buildings or villages. You can get more for your money and there is more potential in the longer run.

However J&K is more populated, with more houses built and is closer to Islamabad, the new airport, and motorway.

B-17 Development standard is much better than g-15. B-17 prices are going upward on daily basis. Good time to invest in B-17

It is a very interesting to see so many favourable views of b-17 465 days ago here, yet despite great development standards b-17 could not beat f-15 in terms of investment.Every one knows how abruptly the prices increased in f-15 and not in b-17. It seems to me that development standards either do not matter in terms of investment or if they do then unfortunately all the great developers are located far from islamabad.D-12, d-17, f-15, g-15. 1-12 would beat b-17 on these grounds and will continue to beat in the future it seems.

Dear sinful bhai.......F-15 rose sharply because of location and road links plus population factor.

All these factors will also apply to b-17. For example restart of work on margalla avenue will give a kick start to b-17; then there is also the motorway interchange in future. And finally, no one can stop the population factor which will keep coming and keep pushing up prices of b-17.

The only negative aspect of b-17 is that it is far from main islamabad zone 1. When margalla avenue is completed this disadvantage will also be removed.

Otherwise even now the sheer size and quality of development of b-17 makes it one of the best projects in islamabad. If mpchs was advertised as heavily as bahria, i think b-17 prices will be close to bahria. How long can bahria keep its price hike over mpchs only on the basis of greater recognition of brand? Soon overseas investors will see the work on the ground and the location of b-17 and will not base their decision only on tv ads.

Pk1 sb., can you please elaborate about the trend of prices in g-15 vs b-17 within two years horizon. Thanks

B-17 will rise faster in 2 years if there is any progress on margalla avenue. Cda has got budget allocations for this project and it is expected that work will restart soon. Also, b-17 has good infrastructure and best development standard in zone 2.

In the long term, i think g-15 and g-16 will also rise a lot because of expected access to kashmir highway to be given soon.

Over all both are very good.

Pk1 sb., we know that g-16 has approved access to Kashmir Highway but is it true that g-15 has also got it approved separately from its own side? Thanks

Go For B-17 with closed eyes Block E.

Sir u will not find any thing good in this budget in f-15 in the acquired area.In comparison f-115 is a way far better than b-17.

Sir u will not find any thing good in this budget in f-15 in the acquired area.In comparison f-115 is a way far better than b-17

Yaar for God sake just read the thread and then reply... The poster is gone long ago and you can see that he posted 501 days back. Now is there a point in suggesting him F-15 with his mentioned budget at this stage after around 16 months from his original post when prices have gone sky wards.

Obviously sir every one has common sense that prices cannot remain stagnant during this long period of time..I just mentioned it that if he still wants a plot he can get an idea from here..

The people who are interested to by the plot in B-17 , they must be cautious about the technical aspects as well.I being a Civil Engineer have been closely watching the developments.Most of the plots made in B-17 are on high fill areas.The constructions will will be at the mercy of ground settlement.The deep fills have not been compacted properly.To avoid the danger the of settlement the owner will have to spend huge money in the foundations which is not applicable to F-15 sector where the plots are located on natural firm ground.The owner can have an economical construction in F-15 as compared to B-15.So the undulated area of F-15 is far better than the flatter area with poorly compacted deep fill. Be aware A sincere advise.

Moreover B-17 is located at the mouth of crusher plants installed at Margally.The dust emitted is serious hazards to the heath and environment.I would just request you to see the environmental and health report by different agencies which quite alarming.

Dear beginner. I note that you are here for scare mongering. I bet you have a plot in F-15. FYI most users here are pro investors. You should spread lies elsewhere.Good luck mate.

Dear Ali, Thank you for the advise. Very interesting remarks! I would like your opinion about bahria enclave as well for residential purposes? I like that area due to its location and planning but have these worries what you just mentioned about b-17.