National Co-operative Housing Society (Ex Aiwan E Sadr)

What is the situation of this housing society located close to DHA 2 Extension and Naval Anchorage? I understand that it is due for balloting soon and tender FPOR work has been advertised and should be awarded soon.

Does anyone have any more information about this society?

No Idea.

Why not Jammu and Kashmir Zone 5, adjacent to Gulberg where you can get a 7 marla plot file all dues clear in 6 lac.

I heard that you can get 1 kanal land fully paid for 570,000 plus profit of 300,000 making it about 9 lacs plus development charges to be announced. However I don't know much about the society and it is risky as development work has not started yet but I tender for work was advertised back in December and 40 bids were received including from some well reputed firms known to us all.

When will contract for work be awarded? When will balloting take place? What is the reputation of the management?

I heard that some fake files are going around in the society so you need to get the files verified from society first.

Is there any land possession by society ?

I have heard that they have about 3000 kanal of land and are in the process of acquiring another 800 kanal for the extension, and after that will launch development work. However they do not have NOC from CDA and it is a risky but also could be very profitable.

I have purchased plot here 30x60.

NOC from CDA is in process.

Its best for future investment.

If anybody is interested feel free to contact me at

Can you share some more information about the society and what made you buy here? Have they done any balloting yet? How long will it take for NOC from CDA and when development will start?

They started their project in 2003.The society was dead till 2013

In 2013 they a asked for remaining charges.i asked from their office and they said right now they have 1600 kanal of land but they have 4000 members.In order to accomodate all members they need at least 2600 kanal.

NOC is still in process may take upto 3 more months

Ballotiong will be done after noc from cda

I do agree with Bilal as society is not developed or management is not taking it serious. Registered people are too much but area is less. If any body wants construction in these areas then I know many good architects who can be helpful for you and offering best rates. To see some sample work you can visit

Anybody got latest info regarding status of the society?

I have personally visited that place but not a good response from that side. As we have discussed before that management is not serious and providing right information. You will have to wait for some more time.


Society has been in problems since 2004 as different groups were trying to grab control of the society. After last elections in 2013 a very proactive and strong management body has taken control. Since then, they have purchased additional land and secured sufficient funds through collection of installments to start development work.

My insider report says that NOC will be obtained in a few weeks. Society is also preparing for balloting probably after the NOC.

In my view if real estate market is not going to slow down, it is a very good small investment as you dont need to pay total cost of land upfront. Transfers are possible with down payment and two installments.

I have heard that they have built a site office at the land and are waiting for electricity connection and then will shift their office from Islamabad G6 to site. However I don't think that NOC will be acquired as mentioned above. Need to some development on the ground or NOC before investment.

I dont think that main office shifting is on the cards. That will take a while. You are right we need to see some development or NOC before investment but then prices will not remain the same with any of the news.

Frankly if a possible long wait is not a factor, getting 1 kanal for 570,000 + some profit is a steal in an area where 1 kanal open land is worth more than 20 lac.

I have heard they got clearance from revenue department.The CDA potwari has marked their land and aprx in 1 month or so they will get NOC...

Any further news?

I called the society yesterday and the same news NOC is coming soon nobody knows when....

Any further update on the NOC?