New Scandal: Malik Riaz bribed Cheif Justice's Son

New Scandal: Malik Riaz bribed Cheif Justice's son by with Rs 350 m - suo moto by CJ taken

What's going to happen now? He has come in between the conflict of giants.

As I mentioned previously Malik Riaz has been blessed with a lot, and now he needs to start acting like a real businessman as opposed to continue acting like a don. Being a don may have helped him in the past but now only being a businessman will help him and his organisation. Some people just don't know when it is time to stop.

I have heard he has resigned as the chairman and is now in Dubai. His son is also abroad.

What a coincidence that they are both out of the country if it is true. Doesn't matter if he is no longer the chairman as it is a private family company so he will still be the head even if someone else has the title.

Arshad, You are probably right. But the problem with Pakistan is this corruption in politics, they will not let anyone operate without getting their share and wrap you around so bad that once plunged into it, can't rise again. And being a don is probably the way out. And he is too deep into it now. The day he pulled out, he will be history.

That's a pity. Pakistan gives true freedom to these rich men and politicians. Just book and fly. :)

You know the funny thing, last few days received a lot of compliments about Enclave and I had almost decided to buy a plot there. But now am seriously contemplating...

I understand what you are saying but there are also many other big businessmen in Pakistan that operate on a different level even if they still have to bribe the bureaucrats and politians. Asad Umer of Engro is a good example as is shaukat and janhangir tareen. I would not encourage anyone to buy into BT's new projects when they have failed to even complete the old projects. Older projects are safer than newer ones. They keep launching new schemes and using other peoples money to make more money, and eventually it could be a big Ponzi scheme.

I am in no way trying to defend him. Certainly he could have done it right from the beginning or at least have shown the intention now. But the blame goes to the system too.

Instead of paying billions in bribes and supporting corruption, he could be supporting cleaning society of the evils of corruption, improving governance and the system... but no because he benefits from the corrupt system and wants to maintain it.

I agree but it takes a MAN's heart and integrity to stand up against the system, which I think is a rare find in this world.

The system is corrupt and it corrupts people. The ones in position to change it don't want to change it as they derive their power, wealth and influence from it. Until the people rise up things won't change. It is a strange system where the people at the top get all the benefits of the state and don't give anything back and the poor people have to pay the price and get no benefits whatsoever. Even when the Generals come they rule for 10 years and still leave the same system in place as fixing the system will stop them from coming back again and again.

Th generals are just as corrupt as the politicians. What do they do sitting on millions of funds for projects like DHA? The entire board of directors comprises of either minion retired majors or petty colonels and their protruding pouches.

Agreed...The whole Pakistan requires major structural changes even if it requires stepping on the tails of the bureaucracy to bring any positive change in the system. I would support any government who has the courage to step up and bring major changes in government departments. Where procedures are defined for all tasks and of course hardworking people are brought up and appreciated for their work instead of bringing up people who are corrupt loyalists.

Last month Malik Riaz paid the ransom of Rs. 13 Crore to release pakistani sailors from Somali pirates, allegedly on the instructions of Zardari. A great deed anyway. Considering the ongoing friction between supreme court and PPP, this scandal seems to be a greater conspiracy and if malik riaz has turned out to be another pawn of politics, then this time he's got a difficult opponent.

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It seems journalists are largely influenced by Malik Riaz too, developing story... Has Malik Riaz shot himself in the foot or was it all planned by someone else for using at this right time? By the way the scope of scandal is expanding to DHA 1 ext DHA 2, ext and DHA Valley where Malik Riaz allegedly consumed the money of these projects for his own thru an agreement with DHA. Malik Riaz was to develop 170000 kanals of DHA and was given all the money instead it was spent on Bahria Town projects.