No Country for Tenants - By Khayyam Mushir

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No Country for Tenants - by Khayyam Mushir

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Everything will be done soon, in a few hours, tonight, tomorrow. Nothing is ever done on time. It is a myth that Pakistan possesses much talent.


Unfortunately Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance is very old one. But Land Lords also suffer as there is no way to evict tenants. Tenants can live for a evy long time in case of litigation. Litigation is always in favour of Tenants as no one can evict them till the case is decided.

Baber Sattar, a columnist in Daily Dawn wrote once " Unfortunately in Pakistan, you have only two choices to live. Either you are prey or Predator "

So predator is always happy whether he is tenant or landlord.

Malik Sb: You hit the nail on the head.. It's prey or predator, it's a jungle over here.. And this society makes you a predator by force or else you cannot have a normal respectable life..

Rent ordinance 2001 has made lot of things better than were before for example, imposing ban on goodwill (pagri) on either side so in the court of law neither party can claim goodwill. Another aspect is the bona fide need which if can be proven will allow quick eviction of the tenant. Also it depends upon the agreement how strong is it.

summing all this up one would still have to spend 2-3 years for a final judgement in the event the case reaches high court or even supreme court but not like before where it used to take 10+ years for any result.

what i find funny is RENT matters reaching supreme court where in the foreign such petty cases are dealt at the local council level...