Options regarding bahria enclave 2 file

I've a file of bahria enclave 2 which i bought when bahria enclave 2 was announced a few years ago. I've not submitted any payments after that. Can someone please guide me what are the current options for getting rid of this file or adjusting this file somewhere else. I'll really appreciate a quick response as i want to settle this issue as soon as possible now.

Any suggestions please as currently I’m in Pakistan and want to settle this issue before I leave - Thanks in advance

Dear Arshad,

They are refunding the amount, some one post here earlier in zameen.com that they refund 80% of the file amount but when I submit the application in Bahria town dubai office the customer service agent told me that your application for full amount minus the booking fee is approved, I did not get yet the cheque as they said it will take 3 months for refund. Once received will be able to tell exactly if its 80% or full amount minus booking fee.

Thank you Sohail Khan for you reply

You can sell this file in market if you want instant cash at roughly around 25% minus the downpayment. These files are being merged in enclave 1.

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@Arshad Bhai,

The best solution is to get refund as I did with my file. Alhamdolillah I got 90% refund. Don't go to any dealer as they just try to convince you on selling your file at very low price. They offered me 6 lac and I got refund 10.25 lac.


Can you please share the process to get the refund and the approx. Time taken?

This would be really helpful for so many file owners.

Can anyone provide guidance on getting a reasonable price/ refund on a 5 Marla Bahria Enclave 2 file?

Go to Bahria Enclave office in Golf City and submit your file for refund. You'll need to write a simple application asking Bahria to refund your money for the Enclave 2 file. They will take your file and application and give you a stamped copy of your file. They say it will take 2.5 to 3 months for your cheque to arrive. But this way you will get 950 thousand back on your 5 marla file which is much better than selling your file in open market for 600 thousand.

I did this with my file last month and now waiting for the refund cheque. Hopefully it will come in the next two months.