Park enclave phase 3

Asalam o alikum what is the future of park enclave 3 in terms of living after 2 years

It depends on when CDA will announced possession. Park enclave 3 has smaller plots as compared to park enclave 1 so it will get populated rapidly.

Which will give more gain in 2 years time… I-14/1 or park enclave 3? Only 5 marla plots

I-14/1 is possession with all basic facility available, Park enclave is in the air. Park enclave have more risk involve I-14 is secure. But on the other side if things get going positive with CDA park enclave can give very big returns.

Generally, CDA sectors see better appreciation as part of Zone-1/2

CDA Towns (Margalla, Shahzad) and Enclaves come afterwards.