Plot sale purchase - kitchen expenses 3 lacs per month capital increase

Is it possible to get 3 lacs per month from sale purchase of plots and increase revolving capital as well???
Everytime you sell, then take out your kitchen and school fee expense, is it possible to re-invest in such a manner that you increase the capital you are revolving despite taking out your expense?

Baloch Sb...

Very tricky question....

In my view, it will first depend upon the capital amount of investment you have....

Knowledge of the market is another very important factor, which would be essential...

3rd thing will be taking risk in certain cases... Which might result in loss in certain cases or delay in disposing off the plots/ files....

You will need an eagle like eye view on the market....

You will require very good group of dealers or investors, which may share with you the opportunities on offer.

Another, very important factor would be the situation in the market... Some time favourable and some time unfavourable...

You will need to diversify your investments across different projects and even across different cities... In this case, it will become full time job...

Baloch Sb, honay ko to kuch bhi ho skta hy... You need the resolve...


Waah Mr khan !!! great reply. It is like a roller coaster.. Sometimes it makes u feel that u can get more thn 3lacs a months and other time u feel like borrowing money from neighbours.. But true reply. :)

Its possible

Mr.Khan is a true guru and we should applaud his contribution to the forum. From one Khan to another

Right u are Mr. Khan 007 About Mr Khan :)

Baloch, in order to generate 3.6 million per annum plus, let's say 2 million per annum growth in capital, you need an investment of at least 3-5 cror which should be invested in small denominations (10 to 50 lac). Investment period shouldn't be less than 2 years and profit and loss should be calculated on 3 years cycle at least.

But don't forget that this will be a high risk business. And you should not get tempted to short term gains otherwise you may end up blocking your capital for a long time, or loosing at worst.

An alternate to property trade is rental income. So you can consider buying shops that give you constant rental income while the value of property increases with time. This can be the best hands off approach but it would take 5-6 cror investment at least.

Better go for rental income if you have 4-5 crores.

Kindly Re->Duce your kitchen expense.

Thank you.

This is possible but difficult

Dr Sahab I can't reduce expenses. In fact they will increase.

Any suggestions from anyone else?

Try abroad for a job like in KSA or Dubai

Arshad bhai I am already abroad, making good money but want to come back and make a living in Pakistan by sale + purchase of plots already purchased through savings.

Apni Zameen ki Matti ki kashish. If you know what i mean.

Isloo - How much rent should one expect from shops if ready to spend 5 crore investment?

5 crore rental property can give u 2.5 to 3 lacs in my opinion