Property Prices In G-15/2

I wonder if someone can provide a guide market price for a 40x80 feet plot in G-15/2. If it were a corner what would be the extra cost?

Hello, In my opinion a 40*80 plot in G-15/2 should be around 1 crore, and an additional 5-10 lacs for the corner plot, because some times you also get extra land in corner plot. Thats my personal assessment, you may confirm it form other too. Regards, z@in N@deem

Thanks Zaiin

@Zain sb, Thanks alot for your feed back, I have a question to all my senior experts, How do you think to invest in G-15 sector? I have already some investment in B-17 but now i am thinking some investment b/w 60-70 lac in G-15. Which sector of G-15 is good for investment pupose for next 1-2 years ad which size of plot will be good for easy re-sell. How much G-15 still have the potential for investment point of view in current situation. Last thing weather i shoud go to G-15 or G-14 as secondary option.

@ahmed tanoli, If going for G-14 only go for G-14/4 and in G-15, G-15/2 is top most and then 1,3,4 In G-15 you can get a bigger plot than G-14. That is a plus. If and when airport work is accelaretd and gets near completion then G-15 could see another big surge as this will be the nearest most populated yet reasonably far w.r.t. Noises of airplanes society. Moreover, in my opinion G-15 has better development than G-13 & 14. Another trigger awaiting is the direct link on KH. Once it gets done then G-15/1 would benefit most.

Ahmed Tanoli, also consider G-13 in this range.

@intern, Thanks alot for usefull information in your post. I just wana ask which sector is close to GT road of G-15. Is it G-15/2?

@ahmed, the sub-sectors G-15/3 & 4 are on GT Road side. But in your mentioned budget you can only target 30x60 size. In G-15/3 there is no plot of this size. In 15/4 only few plots are categorized as good location plot and others are bad location. So that leaves with options of 15/1 & 2, which have sufficient good location plots. Now you can decide and survey on your own.

@intern, Thanks you so much for usefull information, How do you see G-14/4? i am asking as an investor point of view, which will be more benefit for me near future in 1-2 year time G-15/1,2 or G-14/4(I have to choose one of them). I am not interested in size of plot, to be honest i am looking for investment purpose only.

For investment, 1st priority goes to G-14/4 While for living G-15 comes first and then G-14/4

@Nasir! Is G-13 better option than G-14 or G-15, i mean does it have much more capacity of price rise in coming future than G/14 or G/15? as it is CDA sector plus much nearer to Islamabad?

Here is the story of G-13 Http://\_ISB&Date=20131021

G13 is a fully developed sector. Only one sub sector (G14/4) of G14 has been developed so far. G14/1,2,3 are yet to b developed... And no one knows when wud tht happen. In my opining G14 wud turn out to b a much better sector than G13 if and when fully developed. G15,16 and F15,16 are JKCHS sectors... And not bad at all..... But G13 and G14 are much better both location and development wise. I say, if all the CDA officials are awarded plots in undeveloped sectors only (as per the rules), then it will solve many many problems. CDA officials get plots in developed sectors and then sit and relax for the rest of their lives and do nothing abt the sectors tht yet need to b developed.

Tht story is interesting and very true..... And it applies to many sectors of isb not just G13.

@Faizan, G-16 is not a JKCHS sector... Its operated by Interior Ministry... You can't go wrong on development standards on any given day if you visit G-13/14 and then G-15 ... The difference would be obvious... One does not need to be expert... Even an ordinary person like me can judge the better one...

Well i am very much agreed with Mr.Faizan Khan comments, If i am not wrong people started to make thier houses in 2004-5 in G-13 and until now the devolpment is continue for G-13. So already 08-09 years passed but the sector is not fully devolped like its neighbour sectors G-11 & G-10. So thats what i exactly expect from G-14/1,2,3 will take another 10 years to fully devopled.

Tanya, G-13 is way better than G-14/1/2/3 and G-15, even if prices will not rise rapidly, but the investment will be secure at least, i don't see any development in G-14 in next 4-5 years, it will remain same, where people's money will be stucked as they are now.

I think there is a much needed clarification here, development issues aside, ppl have made ALOT of profit by investing in G-14/1,2, is something that cannot be ignored.

G 15 2 is the most expensive sub sector of g 15 40 x 80 current rate is around 9 million there and u have to a pay a premium of 4 or 5 lac for corner plot.

Faizan Khan, this is my point which you just mentioned, people have already earned alot from G-14/1-2-3. Rates are exaggerated and they are stretched like a rubber, a 4 marla plot whose worth was 15 lac is now being sold on 32-35 lac for no reason, the land is still occupied, no development, so their is no way one should invest in G-14 now, investors have played throw the ball and now the ball is with the genuine people who can not sell then the market price and investors which boosted the prices are now into Bahria Enclave and Top City.