Purchase of plot in Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society

What are the prices of residential plots in CDECHS (E-16/2-3 or E-17/2-3)

200 yards = 30x60 = 7 marlas 272 yards =3 5x70 = 1 marlas

I want to build house within 12 - 18 months

Is it possible there in CDECHS to construct house and shift family.

What about basic necessities?

Which sector/zone of CDECHS best suites location for purpose?

I am working in sector e-16 and e-17 if you want to buy any plot you can call me

Any time

Aftab malik 0333-5243404

Al mustafa associate

F-10 markaz islamabad

051-2809740 051-2809741

Dear brother aziz You can immediately construct ur home in cdechs possession area which is in e 16/3-2 and e 17/3. Initially u have to use boring water society is providing temporary electricity to those people who want immediate construction. Gas is currently not available. A good location 10 marla plot price in e 16 3 is around 20 lac and in e 17 3 10 marla price is around 15 lac. Above mentioned prices are for good location level plot

In comparing multi garden and cabinet society, things are at a very interesting stage!

At the moment, the price of one kanal plot in cabinet society and multi gardens is in the same range. For example, price in e-16 is same as c block of multi. In e-17 it may be a bit less if you can find a good deal.

So it has to be seen how the graph of one kanal of these two societies increase. At the moment, e-16/17 is surrounded by societies which are populated and much more expensive than cabinet for same plot size. Common sense tells me that if water and gas supply are actually started , prices in cabinet (already rising speedily) will take a jump to try and come close to surrounding more expensive societies like f-15, f-17 and d-17.

The price difference at the moment for the same area cannot continue for too long.

I think if the margalla avenue project is delayed, cabinet graph will cross b-17 because of distance from islamabad. Increasing prices of fuel will force people to choose the nearer option.

But if the margalla avenue project is completed, then b-17 prices will get out of hand.

Lets watch and see!

Pk1, you have summarized the situation very well.


Nicely elaborated PK1, i wana ask you something if i wana buy what should you prefer me out of these three four ? That would be highly recommended, and likewise it will help others too

Plot size can be like 10 marla and 20 marla

In my view both b-17 and e-17 have their plus and minus. Visit both and then compare prices and then make up your mind. Which distance from islamabad is acceptable to you and at what price. Finally do istikhara between the 2 options.

There is a facebook group page for cabinet society.

You can search for:-

"cabinet division employees cooperative housing society - cdechs"

There are few dealers working in cabinet society but gradually dealers from multi, awt and engineering cooperative are now also tapping e-16/17 as prices are going up since start of 2013.

How much for 500 gaz plot? Level

Around rs 35 lakhs for level plot in e-17/3

Kindly shed some detailed light on pros and cons of b-17 as compared with e-16, e-17 ??

Keeping in view that margala avenue will be complete in next 3 years.

Looking forward

Yes I would request some insight into that as well. As per my information, the margalla avenue is now scheduled to be completed by December 2014, but then we know how good these official deadlines are. So maybe it would be good if we can analyse the situation for two scenarios: a. If margalla avenue gets completed in around 18 months b. If margalla avenue is delayed for 3 to 4 years

I would request senior members to shed some light on these scenarios with respect to price projections for B-17 and E-16/17 and which which one would be a better option? Thanks.


Between (e block of B-17) and (E-17/3), Location wise I would personally prefer E-17/3 as it is closer to Zone 1 and inside Islamabad Capital Territory.

Even if Margalla Avenue is completed, the distance from e block of B-17 to Margalla Avenue will be same or more than the distance from E-17 to Margalla Avenue. From E-17 you have the further advantage of using either Margalla Avenue (if you want to go to F-10 or Faisal Masjid) or Kashmir Highway (if you want to go to Zero Point, Aabpara or Convention Centre).

So location wise E-17/3 is better but from the perspective of development standard there is no match for Multi in Zone 2.

Aziz Sb: I was just wondering where did you eventually end up! Did you buy plot in Cabinet or elsewhere? Your original post is almost 500 days old, and it will be interesting to know about your experiences and views.