Ravi riverfront urban development project

Can a forum member shed some light on this project , as our respected prime minister of pakistan is very optimistic about this project ,

Brother Waqas,

I can relay the details of the project. Apparently, the idea is to develop Pakistan's second PLANNED, GREEN city; the first being Islamabad, of course. The Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project (RRUDP) – modelled after a similar project on the River Thames – had been under consideration since the country’s inception.

RRUDP will cover 100,000 acres of land and provide 1.4 million housing units. It will be an entire city with zones allocated for education, health, industry, residential suburbs, etc. It is a great project; no doubt about that – and a similar one has been planned for two islands in Karachi.

One should hope that it achieves completion without any residual infrastructure problems. At its core, it’s a brilliant initiative to construct a city on the outskirts of Lahore in order to accommodate the ever-increasing population of the city. As you might know, most of Pakistan's civic issues are rooted in the mushroom growth of unplanned structures that impact everything from the environment to the citizens.

So, the gamble may be great but so is the reward. Not to mention, if Pakistan is to step towards becoming a developed nation, we need these projects now more than ever.