Record in tehsil and patwari office of mullah can be different

I am buying a house form a non-trustable person.
He told that he has lost his registry so i taken photopcopy of his registry and confirmed from patwar office of my muhallah that the house is on his name and there is no loan on it.
Now i have one more question.
Is it enough to confirm from patwar office (small office of patwari in muhallah who issue fards etc) or should i check tehsil office also?

Both records are always same? Can they be different? My purpose of checking is to remove suspecion.

Anyone please help. Thanks.

Please help with answer

The authentic and attested record is with the Tehsildar office because it is the Tehsildar who is the official Revenue officer.

The Patwari only enters the mutations on the basis of document and information presented by the sale-purchase parties for the change in title or interest of land.

This information is first entered into the Patwari’s diary (known as Roznamcha) giving it a particular serial number and date. Then this information is entered into the mutation register referencing the Roznamcha number.

However, final changes in the Jamabandi are made only after the Revenue officer i.e. Tehsildar has attested the mutation. The mutation form has a number of columns and every entry is given a Serial Number, which is called Mutation Number. This Mutation number runs continuously from one settlement to another for each land.

The Patwari maintains the Mutation register and all entries are made in duplicate. The Patwari’s copy (known as Parat Patwar) contains the brief substance of the Revenue Officer’s order, while the other copy (Parat Sarkar) contains the detailed order and is kept in the Tehsil in separate estate-wise bundles.

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Can the two records be different?

I am in UAE. If I visit the TEhsil office and give them photopcopy of the registry, can he provide me information (like who is owner , is the registry correct? Anyloan?)

Is this the same office who issues attested photocopies of registries?

Is this procedure required to be followed for properties bought from societies like DHA n Bahria. Or is there record keeping safe enough.

Please share info on how to get union council details for societies like Bahria and DHA etc.

Dear..Mr-Paki 1 has given an ample explanation on Record-composition..ll help you a lot.

For removal of any suspection, Firstly you should go to Patwari-office with the property owner and ask for the issuance of "Fard-bray-e- Record". Then wait for a day & revisit patwari-office with the seller and ask get "Fard-bray-e-Baye".

Hisham Ashraf

Real Estate Consultant,DHA Lahore


After I involved powerful influenial people and pressurized that person, I got the house a year back. Its a seven month long headache.