Remaining LDA City allottees to get their allocation letters

Recently, LDA’s Vice Chairman has taken notice of the issue that some LDA City allottees had not received their allocation letters, after the latest project ballot. The last ballot had taken place in February, which was the second ballot event for LDA City. The development authority had scheduled to conduct the third ballot in April. However, it has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus situation in the country. The VC had received complaints that after the second ballot, some LDA City allottees did not receive their letters. In this regard, he has now instructed the LDA Directorate to dispatch these letters as soon as possible. It is good to see that the LDA has responded to their client’s complaints. Let’s if the issue also gets resolved, and perhaps the authority might conduct the third ballot soon as many sectors are now getting permissions to carry on activities – given adherence to the newly suggested SOPs for COVID-19 prevention.