Rent concessions for commercial tenants

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on a global scale. Apart from affecting the national economy, individual livelihoods are also at stake. Many people are facing financial challenges, including the shopkeepers paying rent to conduct their businesses. In wake of the lockdown, these hard-hit people are having problems to come up with their rent.

Fortunately, some rent concessions have been announced to help these commercial tenants. In this regard, shop owners in Peshawar have completely waived off the rent for these shopkeepers for two months.

In other rent concessions, the mayor of Karachi announced that shopkeepers in KMC Market could pay their rent for April and May in instalments stretched over four months.

These relief measures, in terms of rent concessions, for the commercial tenants are highly appreciable. I hope that other cities would follow suit and provide similar relief during these tough times.