Renting out house to government official

I am just curious to ask one question recently i rented out a house to a government officer grade 21.He asked me to send him copy of my house ownership letter and the transfer letter which i got from the society office is it safe to send him all such document copies ?

I think he is likely worried about whether you are the owner or not although as far as I know, you are not legally required to give him these documents. But one document should suffice for that. You can give him a crossed out copy of one document. However, please don’t take what I am saying as a legal advice, do consult an expert or a lawyer.

He wants to do a hiring if the property for rental purpose. He will get paid the rent According to his scale from the government

No worries - its a routine procedure.

Yes you can provide these documents copies. Actually many Govt department requires to have proof of ownership for House hiring of Employees.

Such formalities are required as per departmental procedures and then they make Rent check direct to owner name.