Security Of The (Cattle, Poultry) Farm In Remote Area

Hello everyone, what can be security considerations for the safety of cattle on a big farm in a remote area like Rawat or Fateh Jang. How to secure the land and animals from predators and thieves.

I will greatly appreciate your inputs!

Hello, eagerly awaiting your valuable inputs please, thanks.

In these parts...

There is the common leopard (Panthera Pardus)

And there is also the common thief (Homo Sapiens Sapiens)

You do need to watch out.

Lol that’s funny. Thanks for that. Homo Sapiens are more of concern than leopards :slight_smile:

@Esan, you need safe land[ free from patwaris and local panay khans],

Then you need 2- 3 very loyal and brave cattle and farm handlers, with at least one being properly trained [ retired ] for security purpose,. Without this you will be left with land alone ,no more cattle ,,,... REGRADING leopards , ,,,,gentleman now a days leopards are afraid of humans ,and so much ,that you just erect a few human statue in farm house , and it will work it all,,, i hope so,,,,BOUNDRY WALL WITH FENCING WIRES CAN COST YOU ABOVE A MILLION RUPEES FOR 32 KANAL FARM ,,WITH THE WALLS 10 FEET HIGH

Pakistan Panthera Pardus

Why not build a wall? Also how much security personal cost there?

Thanks DK!

Arif, boundry wall for few acres of land requires huge money. Initially one can secure the actual farm like the animals' shed, tools store and servant quarters to save money. And as DK suggested.

Another security measure, well its not actually a security measure, to maintain good relations with local police :-).

@Ehsan - Yep that is what i meant to secure "actual" with wall.

I meant by security personal like professional security guards. How much they cost?

Yeah depends what it takes to maintain relationship with local police.. If it is 2 Kilo fresh milk every day for local SHO or local Thana chai paani, wouldn't be bad huh! :) after all ghar ki bhens hey LOL

The best security is develop good relationship with neighbour Islamic way of life. If we take care of neighbours, they will take care of us. This is how the system works. Good neighbours are blessings.

Not much information on this thread while there are many people interested to jump in to farming/livestock area.

Anyone operating farm in Chakri Fateh Jang area? Please share experiences regarding electricity availability, security, water and road access.