Selling a house in ait

Hello, salam

Can you pls guide us;

We have a 1 kanal house in ait rachna block on sale now. We are 4 bro/sisters.

The house was under our parents (father who sadly passed away 2 yrs ago, 50%) & mother's 50% name.

We already obtained the declaration of suit from the court order showing sibling names & mothers name on father's part on this property.

Could you please advise on step by step guide on sale of this property & documentation via lda?

Further info. The court has nominated big brother & put his name to deal with the matter.

We have now sale nearly agreed & biyana to be done shortly.

Do we have to transfer the property into;
Father's 50% to; 4 bro/sis & mum's names?
Mother's 50% remains same?

Or can we sell this with same court letter to the buyer?

Can someone please help?

Thank you so much