Short Falls Of Forum Ranking Criteria

I think this forum ranking criteria is not fair by making more post this doesn't means some body is a property expert or guru it just means that he have ample amount of time. I think ranking criteria should be based on quality rather than quantity of the post. Here people are just making useless discussions and making their post count higher.

What you people suggest in my opinion property gurus should be elected by some sort of voting on forum or best answers awarded by other regular users or how many times thanked.

Only point to start this discussion is to give new user a reliable information so that they can make reliable decision in light of suggestions given by senior members.

Slayer I agree with you it is my request to zameen admin

property gurus should be elected by some sort of voting on forum or best answers awarded by other regular users or how many times thanked.

Thanks adil for reply their should be some mechanism until yesterday Mr khan was the biggest so called guru and almost 80% of the regular users are against him still he is a guru.

He lost his interest in forum some how still he is on the top.

Fully agreed with Slayer.

U r rite slayer i highlighted same issue around 2-3 months back that how could mr.khan be a guru with very less answers selected as best and very less comments thanked where those with more answers selected as best and contributors thanked are below him at that time i do remember his total posts were around 1600-1700 with 7 as best answered and only approx. 250times thanked

since then mr.khan stated liking his own comments and today u can see his total posts are 2443 and thanked 928times, a very sharp increase in thanks number.

The guy is too clever

Instead of discussing Gurus,we should focus more in property issues.

There is nothing in title, why not remove all the titles?

Problem solved. Isn't it

Dear, Luqman and triver when a new buddy step in to this forum he place a lot of reliance on gurus and his investment decisions are some how effected by senior members advice. If who they think is a guru is nothing(jo kay sirf 1 welian marnay wala hai jis kay pass aur koi kaam nai aur apni posts barhanay kay chakar mein laga hai) and they loose millions who will be responsible so this is the short fall of ranking criteria.

Removing all titles is also a good option let person decide who is right or wrong rather then influencing his decision by fake titles guru,Authority and blabla

Yes. Ranking criteria could be improved. The zameen techincal team should have to adopt some non trivial techniques to analyse the posts of users. Few of them have mentioned that the number of times the user thanked. Number of valid answers. Number of productive discussions started.

The sould also anowns the most productive discussion of the month and of year.

The best predictions of the last 3 years.

Zameen blog data could be very usefull for researchers as well. Zameen managment can contact to any university to offer research on their data. Researchers can give very usefull ideas to improve ranking criteria of members of discusstion forum.

Triver sb,

You gave a good idea to remove all titles, so no Guru,no Authority,No senior contributor.

They can change the title as this if they want.

Regular member (If any member post specific no of post/month he should be awarded as Regular member if not he should be as Guest member.

@ luqman

Well said brother. We should focus on property related matters instead of discussing gurus.

In my view, we are just fighting over a useless matter. This is an efficacious platform for discussing real estate matter and this 'Guru fight' is adversely affecting the effectiveness of real estate discussions.