Square feet calculation for construction

Honourable members,

Recently i am in negotiation with the contractor to build 8 marla double story house in islamabad. He calculated total covered area as 4300 square feet. My question is how square feets are calculated. As a lay man, i calculated 1800sqfeet x 2 =3600sqfeet total.

Your valuable suggestions required in this regard. Construction of dpc is also included.

8 marla assuming is 30x60 plot dimensions.

Depending on society by laws. Normal covered area is around 3300 sqft for ground first and mumty. What ever rates the contractor gives you multiply with 3300sqft is the amount you have to pay him.

If you need any further help do let me know.

Dpc is included in the covered area rate.

@HT thank you very much for a timely reply your post was really helpful.

Can you guide me about fine imposed for building over and above approved plan by society per square feet I heard It is 2000/Sqfeet seems too much, please give your insight on this matter.

Also, provide estimated labour cost for per square feet for grey structure only.

The fine depends on society by laws. Some societies demolish the extended covered area. Some implement fines but you can use Quaid-e-azam to get through.

Grey structure average cost is Rs.250-300 per sqft. It depends on your drawings and site conditions. Still it wont exceed Rs.300