Status of g-16 interior ministry society

I am considering to invest in g-16/4 in non possession area will it be safe investment ? As genuine opportunity. G-16/4 noc is clear by cda. I also heard people suffering so long but it good opportunity. Price will increase finally when development will start too.

Please guide what else do you know about g-16. Any issues if you know.


Do not invest where Society has not yet purchased and/or not taken qabza. If land is purchased and only development work is awaited, then it is less risky.

G-16 is still under-valued, so good ROI is expected.

It depends on you...if the money you want to invest is spare and you can absorb a wait time of say 5 years till the society can get the qabza then go for it.

Otherwise, if this is the only investment you have and also the reserve amount that you would be needing in any sort of emergency (God Forbid) then DO NOT invest in any virtual non-possession schemes. Just buy on ground property and it will appreciate with time InshAllah