Tarnol Phatak Expansion Approved

Tarnol railway crossing expansion approved by PM Nawaz Sharif. More lanes will be constructed and crossing will be widened to make the flow of traffic smooth.


This is certainly great news for Zone 2 and societies on GT road after Tarnol i.e. E-16/E-17/D-17/B-17.

This will also give some benefit to societies on Fateh Jang road including F-17/Paf Tarnol/E-18/PECHS/Shalimar Town etc.

Great News, I seen work has been started

Any one have further detail like completion time period, is it include underpass/flyover and widening of Fatehjang road etc.

I believe it includes widening of Tarnol railway crossing to relieve traffic congestion. This will help smooth flow on GT Road and also save time for people coming from Fateh Jang road.

I believe the flyover and Fateh Jang road widening are separate projects. This one is only for Tarnol Phatak and 25 crore budget is approved.

Waqar Sb: Many thanks for sharing this good news.

Muhammad Saqib: Are you sure the work has started? This will be a miracle in the Land of Pure! I am quite a bit skeptical for the reason that such projects take several weeks/months/years to start after the approval by authorities is in place. Please can you provide some more details. Thanks.

Thank you waqar for sharing this brilliant info.

Khan Sahib, Samra you are welcome.

Khan Sahib I know that they have cleared some of the encroachments from the area @ Tarnol Phatak recently.

Khan Sahib, Yes its started, SOW include GT road widening, addition of 2 more gate (Total 4 Gate) for railway crossing with Two U turn on GT road. It will be completed within Six month as per contract terms.

Its good for Zone 2 specially F-17 and E-16/17 on ground developed societies.

I hope they include under pass/Flyover and widening of Fatehjang road in this project.

The whole stretch of GT road will be widened ?

Zafar Sb - no I think the overall GT road will stay same. It is just the portion at the Tarnol Phatak to relieve the traffic congestion. I am expecting separate crossing for heavy vehicles.

E-16 CDECHS is 13 kms from G-11 signal on Kashmir highway. B17 is 21 kms from same G-11 signal. So once this congestion at Tarnol Phatak is gone and new Kashmir highway is complete - you can enjoy a smooth ride even without a margalla avenue in place.

Thanks Waqar Saheb

Good news. ..best of luck to all....

Waqar Sb, thanks again. We should all pray that this project materializes, no matter even if takes double time than the contractual 6 months. Many plot owners were actually double-minded whether to build a house or sell their plots due to congestion on Tarnol Phatak keeping in view extended traveling time. This news will certainly encourage many plot owners to start construction and this activity will add value to plot prices, especially in E-16/E-17.

Khan Sb that is correct. This will encourage me too :)

Good news.. Mian Saab ab thora Westwards bhi ajaeyn.. MA aap ka intezar kar raha hai..

Great news indeed. Lets hope that this thing triggers sooner

This is great news. Expansion of Kashmir Highway and Tarnol Phathak is definitely going to persuade owners of Zone 2 plots to go for construction.

Waiting for such a decision. I am planning to build my house in F-17(MPCHS).

Hmm makes me feel like getting a plot in CDECHS now if not for G-16..

That is a very good news.

Great news. Can someone summarize which sectors are set to benefit the most so that we can target them for investment.