The forum seems to be slowing down!

It has been observed that the forum is becoming less active with time. As a result, we are seeking your suggestions to improve the forum’s engagement and bring back its lively atmosphere.

We welcome any ideas you may have that could help uplift the forum. Whether it’s new topics for discussion, changes to the forum’s structure, or any other creative solutions, we are open to all suggestions.

We value our community members’ input and would appreciate any contribution you can make towards the forum’s improvement.

@isloo1 @yousafnoor @Its_ImtiaX_88 @humayyun.786 @nice.isb @m.naumananjum_1 @syedwajahat17 We want to make things better, and we believe you can help us with your ideas. Please share any suggestions you have so we can improve what we do.

All decent Gurus Have left Sir. You are correct, Zameen Forum is going to dead now. People come for real estate related advices, But politics has engulfed the forum.


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Please share any suggestions you have so we can improve what we do.

  1. The forum was become so much polluted by political discussions but zameen admin never played any role to keep the environment clean and open for healthy discussion.

  2. Several bugs in new theme which were reported several time by forum members never addressed. like on very big bug is that no one can login if they go through any forum thread to login page. so several users were not able to login and eventually stoped using this forum.

forum trend is going down all over the internet, now people engage more on whatsapp group, facebook groups, discord, telegrame etc. it would be a nice idea for to start an official whatsapp community or facebook group.

1 Like not only seems slow downit is also produce fake leads

most of the time when i think to sign in, But it does not accept the password. Rarely accept and let me online.