Top builders/contractors in B-17?

Dear all

I need some names of top home builders/contractors in B-17. Which ones are honest and give quality work tension-free? I have had some bad experiences with a few unfortunately


Which block are you building in B-17 and what size?

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Dear Junaid,

I am constructing my own house in Sector B-17 and have completed the structure. My two cents on your query are as follows:

  1. If you can supervise the construction of yourself then there are a few reasonable people around in B-17 who can understand your requirements and help construct your dream home. Otherwise, things will not go as per your requirements and you must live with the creative thinking and imagination of the contractor. I would suggest doing interview of 3 to 4 contractors working in B-17 so that you can make an informed decision on hiring. There are some contractors who have finished homes and can show you as sample and there are some who do not have sample homes in B-17 (mostly due to budget constraints of their clients). Therefore, take your time in this decision and consider various pros and cons during the interviews.

  2. If you have sufficient budget for complete construction, it is the best option as it will help contractor to keep his labor intact and focused on your project. Else, usually contractors have multiple projects and can accommodate your phase wise construction plans as well. This aspect must be communicated very clearly at the beginning. I would recommend Labor only contract. You will end up saving at least 7% to 10% of amount compared to with material cost.

  3. Make agreement on labor rates and payment plans in the beginning and stick to it. Never make a large percentage as advance payment, whatever story is made up by the contractor, you will always regret it later. Always hold some percentage of the payment as security till the project gets completed and you are satisfied with the work.

  4. Do not leave the site unattended and ensure that you make frequent and critical visits, else, you will lose trail of the minor details of the construction activities. Meaning, personal supervision is must, whoever is the contractor.

  5. Be very clear and straight forward with the contractor about your requirements (because there is always going to be some change in the approved plan) and keep follow-up of undocumented changes, else you may get carried away by the "Befikar ho jaen aap" line of contractors.

  6. Always keep payment records with yourself, as contractors usually don't. That way you will always have track of the actual pending payments.

I hope the sharing of above experience may help you to decide the contractor. I am not recommending any contractor here because time changes very fast, so do people. Therefore, keep the above advise in mind and select a contractor after pitching them against one another in an open competition.

Best of Luck with your Dream Home Construction.

Best Regards

Engr. Fawad


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Dear mr.junaid

There does not exist in Pakistan such a think like honest and good contractor. How ever you can secure your self by having good agreement with your is advisable to consult an expert to draft terms & conditions of contract and before hiring contractor visit his under construction projects and meet his clients to verify his expertise, skills, behavior, workman ship etc

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