Top City vs. Faisal hills - long-term investment

Hi, I have a budget of 6 million and i have made my mind in investing either top city or faisal hills. I am looking for long term investment like 5 years or so. What is better option? Should i go for top city as due to start of new airport or i should buy multiple 7 to 8 small files of faisal hills. Faisal hills is totally new and the price of the file is very reasonable. Could you please suggest what is better option. Another question is - if i invest in top city then any rough idea of price hike after 2 years? I would appreciate if you can answer both questions. Thanks,

Faisal hills se behtar hy Faisal residencia may le lo. Tc is far btr option for short and long term. TC 10 marla cud easily touch 8 million and above Regards

In 2 years top city will be far better than other societies I think. It will return good profit. My relatives had bought for 7 lac 10 marla four years ago in top city and now their plot's price is around 45 lac.

I think juice in top city is not too more, faisal is almost in negative price, it will be profitable, just a suggestion

Top City is currently the best for short term gain. I suggest to buy a good location plot in A block in Top city now. Sell it after 6-12 months and then split your investment among Faisal Town, Faisal Hills and University Town.

I think Faisal town A block has no more potential for short term gain. FT B block might give reasonable return to investors.

FT A Block to me does not look short term investment... Regards

What about university town? any gain expected in next 6 month ?

Ask Chaudhry Majeed to deliver B-17 "D" Block. Till it's clearance Faisal Hills could be a scam. Mark my words

@ Faisal he owns 3700 kanal land there. For ur info.

Sir, faisal hills ki bari aa gai.

@al yes

@al kisi ki bari nahin aye, there is a news in the market since last few days that Faisal Hills got NOC from RDA however public news are different and Mr. Khan bhai jaan why i never talked about FT coz they are ok. I have my investment in Faisal Residencia but am highlighting their issues :-)

List of Housing Schemes who Got Planning Permission Capital Smart City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi Media Enclave Housing Scheme Chakri Utility Corporation Housing Scheme Murree High Gate Hills Murree (required NOC from Environment protection and Forest Department) Faisal Hills Housing Scheme Taxila (Required NOC from Assistant Commissioner Revenue and Land)

@ Faisal, this is what, I am telling you.. They have got NOC from ACRL for about 3700 Kanals land and soon, they will be getting NOC from RDA.... Regards

@Mr. Khan bhai do you have any information about B-17 D block? announced in year 2000. Same story going to be applied here.

I have heard that in Faisal Hills - the prices went high in last couple of days and there is a profit of about One Lac and it will further go up in upcoming days. Is this true? If so, are these prices permanent or they are just putting the air in the balloon? Is it good to invest in Faisal Hills for short period of time? Thanks,

Just putting the air in the balloon, no doubt about that.

But still lot of space available to fill more air...

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