Vacation rental required - dha phase 6, karachi only

Hello, i will be travelling to karachi for business and leisure purposes. I need a place to rent for 4 consecutive months.

Accommodation is required for two people in a clean place, that has two bedrooms /two beds and a washing machine would be highly appreciated.

My rent budget is approximately 45,000 pkr per month and i am happy to pay in advance. Please help.

The required location is ideally dha phase 6, karachi,

Any one of these areas will do:

1.Rahat commercial area,

2.Nishat commercial area,

3.Shahbaz commercial area,

4.Bukhari commercial area,

5.Muslim commercial area,

  1. Ittehad commercial area or Any other area of DHA PHASE 6 only.

Please read this message thrice and digest fully before posting a response,

Thank you.