Value of plot in bahria phase 8 block h

Dear friends,  i have a 10 marla plot in 600 series in bahria town phase 8 block h. What is its current realistic value? And what is its future estimated value? Thanks and regards

Malik sb, current prices are 4.5 million to 6.5 million depending upon the location.

You can check from local dealers to get some idea about prices of specific street/plot.

After getting rates from 4 to 5 dealers you can the realistic value. The dealer rate is always 3 to 5 percent less then pricexyou can get from genuine customers.



Jazak Allah khair Khalid Sb for your guidance like always. I am really thankful. I got.

Is it better to visit dealer pretending as seller or buyer in order to get rate info ?

I agree with you, direct contact between buyer and seller can result in better deal ..

Thanks again.

Thanks Malik sb. Yes do you research as a seller or buyer to get insights…

@ Khalid Sb, welcome sir… Sure i shall do research on this. Regards

Thanks Malik sb