Want to make my home a girls hostle


I have a home in lahore. Want to rent out. It is at college road, ameer chok near township. Shoukat khanum hospital 10 minutes, thokar 15 minutes drive. Neat clean, wardrobe floor bedding etc.

I want to make it a girls hostel. How possible ? Can you forward this message to your circle ? I can give 500 per head commission to anyone carrying girls only.

Pic and drop service, food mess system, cleaning cloths + pressing, internet service, printer scanner facility etc. I can give 500 commission per head you can share in your circle.

0307-4105865 whatsapp only.

Dear Ijan put the ad over the facebook by using facebook manager, and make following settings select city Lahore even you can narrow down to your local area. Then select the interest College / studying / university, age range 18 - 32, gender : female. You gonna get a lot of traffic this is how you could reach your targeted audience in a cheap way.

Do some homework create interesting creative / video eg mention the location, benefits close to education / parks main road etc.

Or ask you local cable operator to run the ad.

Shaaz is absolutely right, on this forum you can get maximum 50 visitors checking your post, but using facebook you can target ten thousands per day. Also there are facebook groups that offer free advertisement of your services. Also there are study related facebook groups, do join those and advertise there. Also try olx, my cousin has a boys hostel in Islamabad and he gets so many leads from OLX.