WAPDA Town Islamabad – Hidden Gem

I went to WAPDA Town Islamabad in 2014. That time I got one plot in its E Block on installment and price of 10 marla plot was 1 million. Now its D and E blocks are developed sewer, water lines and Road are there but electricity is still not there as its NOC is in RDA for last 4 months. Status of WTI at RDA web site is NOC under Process. Its good time to invest. 10 Marla average price is 35 to 70 lacs. 5 Marla 23 to 40 lacs. 1 Kanal is 60 lacs to 1 Crore. 2 Kanal 1.2 Crore to 1.8 Crore. Its good time to invest there as after NOC Gas and electricity will be there an then price will make jump 1 million to 2 million.


Yes, the area around Wapda Town, AWT, C-18 and all surrounding growing day be day due to CPEC road neworks around and also the facts that they are just on outskirts of ISB.

To me it’s just the start, wity Hakla Interchange (somewhere after August) and other developments around it suits on low cost and quite decent housing location/projects.


Its no more hidden now… Prices have already doubled in last few months

Is it still profitable to invest here?

Yes why not… B17 is very near and you can check the rates thr. Wapda town prices will always the shade of prices of b 17.
NOC of wapda town is under process… jaicay he NOC milay ga prices Mai aik aur jump ayga

What about C-18 ???

Wapda town is better then C18 in every aspect
C18 I don’t know much about it
Better to choose wapda town