What is the link between Axact and Malik Riaz?

What is the link between Axact and Malik Riaz? Geo is launching campaign because shoaib shaikh also represents a competitor channel: bol.

But bol news is the new name of jinnah news which belonged to malik riaz.

If this link exists between axact and malik riaz then how will this scandal impact bahria town???

I don't think MR had any direct link with the operations of Axact. However, he is widely believed to be a partner in the Bol channel with that company. Technically, all the allegations are against Axact, not Bol, although Geo driven by its vested interests, is deliberately trying to implicate the channel as well. We will find out over the next couple of weeks as to how this story develops.

Axact will come out clean at the end,FIA raid is just a proxy exercise by the government to shun the critics,once the dust settles,it will be air borne once again,BOL is an establishments back channel,and is here to stay,to confront stray dogs like GEO,

Stons of the same. ...i think link is through mr. 10% who is the langotia yar of him these days. ....

It is proxy war against a pakistani company, yesterday New York time said May be pakistani govt is invole, it is shame on pakistani t v channels, the way they are reporting, too many pakistani will lose their jobs,