Where to invest 3-4 million to take advantage of rrr?

I wanna buy a small plot in any society which will benefit most from rrr if it starts. Can you guys suggest any societies which can benefit from this project? This will be a huge help

Here is the latest layout/alignment, It may or may not change but it does provide possible beneficiaries!!


You may map this to GMaps to see which parts will benefit. For now the biggest gainers seem to be the ones on Chakri Road area ...

Thanks Imtiaz bhai for guiding as always :slight_smile: can you please name a few which are good in your opinion

And one more thing will this give any benefits to B17 or D18 AWT?

Today's Dawn News Islamabad


MA work expected to start after seven years.

Buy a 5 marla in B-17 F block posession plot. Solid returns coming soon. Inshallah.