Where to invest for short term, top city or faisal hills?

Please guide that where to do investment for short term for 5 marla plot , top city g block or faisal hills

Invest in I-16 or I-15/3

Nasir sab is right I-15/3 is bright future other hand I-16 which already jump but remaining some juice.


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Invest in I sectors ( i-12, i-14, i-15, i-16 ) of CDA. Prices are already up there and it’s tricky to find a good deal at an investor rate.

Is Faisal Hills a good options?

Yes for short term faisal hill is a good option, but invest only on possession and semi developed plot, invest in A Block or executive block. Do not go for b and c block

@Nasir Sahib what about MPCHS Block G ?

G block has no possession yet, its far away from main entrance and rates are so high, i think those prices are a bubble, possession plot below 45-50 lac in that area including FMC, faisal hills A is a safe buying everything else is risky. G block may be suitable for those who trade on daily basis, suba ko file lo sham ko baich do.

Thanks Nasir Sb for your input


I suggest that you should invest in residential apartments. I have a 1-bed apartment of 470 sqft in Islamabad square B-17 Block # B, currently, the sqft rate is Rs.7600 but I can offer you in sqft Rs.7300 if you are interested.

Faisal Hills A block.

There is not a single society from 26 No. Till Faisal Hills which offers 5 marla plots.

Also once margalla avenue opens, imagine how much crowd from islamabad will be looking for 5 marla plot.

There is a good chance you will double your money in a short time.

Thank you Imran Sb, What about Faisal Hills Executive block?

Executive block is posession area and therefore rates are on high side. A block and B block are much less.

A and B are non possession or what?