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After Ashiana Homes, shelter-less people in Punjab get zameen

April 13, 2012 • news

Ashiana Housing Scheme has been an exemplary project in the history of Pakistan and especially Lahore real estate. It generated genuine appreciation from people across the country and so far there have not been any reported cases of unfair allotment of houses in Ashiana. Because of Ashiana Homes, hundreds of thousands of poor families will soon have a place to call home.

The popularity of this scheme and piling applications by shelter-less people of Punjab suggested that more such projects need to be initiated. Well, the prayers of poor have been answered as the CM Punjab lately announced that 5 marla residential plots will be distributed among the needy people across Punjab. The focus this time is on the residents of smaller towns and remote villages.

The project was in pipeline from last few months and reports have confirmed that the Government of Punjab is done with selecting the residential plots suitable for this project. Right now, the authorities have included 110,554 residential plots in this scheme and there are fair chances that various similar projects will be initiated during this year.

The most encouraging aspect of this project is that the dwellers of Katchi Abadis are also eligible to claim for their zameen. According to news, it will take a little more than a month for this project to finish. The announced date for the project to begin is 26th April and it is expected to complete by 30th March. The officials right now are surveying the chosen plots and verifying the residents of Katchi Abadis.

Just like Ashiana Homes, these residential plots will be aided with complete facilities like water and gas pipelines, electricity and other infrastructure that makes a residential land a sound investment in Pakistan real estate. Computerized balloting for these 5 marla plots will be held on the 6th of June. Zameen will keep you updated about the project and its details.