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Bahria Town in trouble?

March 30, 2015 • news

Bahria Town in Trouble

Bahria Town in Trouble

You might have learned that Mr Malik Riaz Hussain, the founder of Bahria Town, has lost a lengthy legal battle for the rights to the name ‘Bahria’. According to a news source, a local court in Rawalpindi has ruled that the Bahria Foundation, which is a naval subsidiary, is entitled to the name, but Mr Riaz’s legal advisor Mr Qaiser Qureshi told reporters that this ruling would be challenged in either the high court or a district or sessions court.

Over the last few years, Bahria Town has expanded its operations with a number of state-of-the-art housing and mixed-use projects, and all of them bear the Bahria brand name. This means that if Mr Riaz’s appeals to higher courts do not succeed, and if the Bahria Foundation is ultimately awarded rights to the name, this could potentially mean trouble for Bahria Town.

Hussain Global, a firm linked to Mr Riaz, had signed an agreement with the Bahria Foundation in 1996 to set up Bahria Town, and under the agreement the naval subsidiary was offered a 10% share for allowing Mr Riaz to use the ‘Bahria’ brand name for his housing projects. Reportedly the Bahria Foundation had asked Mr Riaz in 2000 to stop using the name and he acquiesced, signing an agreement to that effect on February 24 of the same year.

But in 2002, Mr Riaz alleged in a local court that the foundation had forced him to sign the agreement. So ensued a long-drawn legal battle between Mr Riaz and the Bahria Foundation which now appears to be tilting in favour of the latter.

Mr Riaz and his legal team have yet to take any further steps on that account, but until then the stakeholders of Bahria Town have no other option than to wait and watch. Your opinions in the comments section below are most welcome, but please try to be as positive as you can. Thank you!