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Decision to ban plastic bags in Islamabad

May 19, 2019 • news

Islamabad: The Ministry on Climate Change has decided to ban the manufacturing and sale of plastic bags in Islamabad from August 14, 2019 – a news source reported.

The ministry will issue SROs (Statutory Rules and Orders) to implement the ban. The draft of the SRO has been sent to the Minister of Law for vetting. After vetting, the SRO will be approved by the cabinet after which its implementation will be ensured.

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Brieifing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change, the Climate Change Secretary said that it has been decided that Islamabad will be turned into a model city. For this purpose, it will be made plastic-free.

The matter of low-quality high octane causing pollution was also raised during the meeting. The standing committee has summoned the Petroleum Secretary for its next meeting to brief and answer the committee on the matter.