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Development projects to continue

August 31, 2009 • news

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) is thrashing out a well though out strategy to tackle problem of financial resources’ shortage and in a month’s time, there is likelihood of the emergence of a plan to counter this problem, a well-placed source in the authority told this news agency

“Emphasis”, he said,” would be laid on finding alternate methods of generating income besides selling plots, which is the conventional method of making money.”

He said CDA would continue its projects aimed at public welfare despite the financial crunch confronting the authority presently.

He said shrinking resources did not deter the authority’s highups and it was policy of CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi to continue delivering to the masses by continuing the ongoing developmental projects in the federal capital.

Besides this, he said new developmental projects are also in store and they would be executed with as much zeal and dedication as those, which were currently being carried out.

He dispelled the impression that financial crisis had rendered CDA weak and fragile. He said the Authority had very much the capacity to pay to the contractors engaged in work on different projects.

“It is one of the priorities of the CDA chairman to develop G and I series sectors of Islamabad, which hitherto have been ignored as there has been too much focus on beautifying E and F sectors, which are relatively posh and inhabited by rich class,” he added.

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