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High-rises, CNG stations lacking firefighting equipment fined

August 14, 2019 • news

rescue1122, Rawalpindi Cantonment Board

Rawalpindi: The Civil Defence Department has fined the management of 98 high-rise buildings, CNG stations, petrol pumps and other structures for not having appropriate firefighting equipment as communicated by the department – a news source reported.

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The total fine amounted to PKR 186,000. In addition, 11 of these buildings and fuelling stations were also sealed.

Previously, the owners of these were notified of these concerns, but they did not fulfil the requirements.

The operation was conducted in various areas of the district. The department now plans to expand the operation to various tehsils of the district; including Murree, Kotli Satiyan, Gojar Khan, Kahuta, and Kallar Syedan.

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The authorities plan to continue the operation on a daily basis. They also plan expand this drive in a bid to include stations and buildings with non-functioning firefighting equipment.