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Inauguration of Kundal Dam expected soon

February 23, 2019 • news

Swabi: The inauguration of Kundal Dam is expected soon, since the project’s development work is nearing completion - a news source reported. The dam is being built in the Pabini locality of Swabi district.

Located in the mountainous region of Gadoon Amazai, the dam has been financed by the federal ministry of water and power, while Directorate General Small Dams, Irrigation Department KP, is the executing agency.

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The cost of the project had been estimated at PKR 2.3 billion.

The project is a part of the government’s small dams’ construction initiative. It will irrigate 105,600 kanals of arid land, enabling the farmers of the region to become self-sufficient in terms of food grains production.

The dam is also expected to control floods during the monsoon season, and meet the water needs of locals.