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Islamabad - A city for the elite

December 7, 2011 • news

The capital city of Islamabad holds the honour of being one of the most expensive places in Pakistan. Here, the price of everything ranging from bread to milk, clothes to properties - rents to wheat is more expensive than it is anywhere else in Pakistan. For this and other countless reasons Islamabad is truly a city for the elite. While there are several other cities where investing in the local real estate can prove to be really profitable, Islamabad remains one place where having a home of your own is almost everybody’s dream. Sadly enough, not everyone affords such a luxury.

In the capital city, there are areas which have been completely recession proof throughout the economic crunch. The city hosts several high profiled personalities of the country along with a huge number of foreigners as well. Well equipped with various amenities of life, Islamabad undoubtedly stands as the best city to play home to all kinds of people. With its wide roads, clean waters, parks, greenery, clubs and other facilities, the city offers a lot in terms of luxury and comfortable living.

The general condition of Pakistan real estate in general is cold with there being no noticeable rise in value but Islamabad on the other hand has a fair few areas where the condition of the market is almost as if there has never been an economic crisis even in the peripheries of the whole city. Islamabad Defence is a project that many believe has the potential to give birth to some of the most expensive properties in Pakistan.

Blue Area Islamabad, which has long held the title of being the most expensive properties in Pakistan but with the initiation of a handful of high profiled project, the title seems to be slipping from the hands of Blue Area. Projects like DHA Islamabad and other well known housing societies in the heart of the capital offer living conditions which are fit for the cream of the society. So in case you are looking for a good investment, you better look at the various opportunities the city of Islamabad has to off.