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Lahore Ring Road and its effects on Fazaia Housing Scheme

July 3, 2015 • news

Lahore ring road

Lahore ring road

The development of Lahore Ring Road (LRR) is already on the cards and the authorities concerned have marked the circular highway’s route across the southern peripheries of Lahore.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss the impact of LRR on Phase I of Fazaia Housing Scheme. Please read on to find out how the LRR is going to affect this housing society.

Fazaia Housing Scheme is located on Raiwind Road near Adda Plot. The southern loop of LRR is likely to be completed in three packages and the ring road will be extended from Ferozepur Road to Adda Plot in Package II (13 kilometres).

According to information collected by Zameen.com, LRR will pass through Phase I of Fazaia Housing Scheme, because of which a few plots will be acquired by the authorities concerned. Blocks A, E, and F are most likely to be affected, while the remaining blocks will remain untouched and unchanged. The shaded area in the image below will provide you with a rough idea* of LRR’s route through Fazaia Housing Scheme.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Rai Wind Road - Lahore proposed route

*This is only a rough representation of the LRR’s route through Fazaia Housing Scheme, and it may differ from the actual route to be laid out by the authorities concerned.

The authorities concerned have physically marked the route on the ground in the housing society. You can see these markings in the images below. They are evidence enough to state that actual development work on LRR has begun.

markings in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore1 Fazaia Hosing Scheme Lahore I (2)

Fazaia Housing Scheme


Given below is the location map of Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase I:

location map of Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore

According to Mr Tariq Bhatti of Bhatti Brothers Real Estate, the prices of plots in the locality have already started to increase. In a conversation with Zameen.com, he said the price of 32-marla plots in the locality currently ranges between Rs 10,000,000 and Rs 14,500,000. For 1-kanal plots, the price range is from Rs 5,500,000 to Rs 7,500,000. While 10-marla plots range between Rs 3,600,000 and Rs 4,500,000.

We have also learnt from an unofficial source that Fazaia Housing Scheme will compensate the folks whose plots will be acquired by the government for LRR.

That is all the information I have about LRR’s effect on Fazaia Housing Scheme for now. If you have further queries in mind, please feel free to chat with me in the comments sections below.