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More drilling needed to access oil & gas reserves at Kekra-1

May 16, 2019 • news

Islamabad: Eni will drill an additional 150 metres into the sea in order to access the oil and gas reserves at Kekra-1, a news source reported. The project operator has already drilled at a depth of 5,474 metres, and will need another two days to manage the extra drilling.

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Once the access to the reservoir is available, Eni will send the samples for testing. The testing will reveal if the reservoir contains gas, oil, or both, and in what quantity. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Petroleum revealed that this process will take at least another week.

Another senior official has stated that the area has so far shown positive indications of having gas reserves. He added that more drilling is needed to conduct more tests to confirm the presence of the utility.

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After drilling another 150 metres into the sea, the authorities concerned will carry out a Drill Stem Test (DST). This will provide information on what is present in the reservoir and whether the well should be completed.