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More of GPO building marked for train project

October 22, 2015 • news

Lahore: Metro train officials have red-marked the inner verandah and other parts of the historical GPO building on The Mall, causing major concern amongst postal authorities.
They had already planned to acquire 750 feet of sidewalk space on the building’s Nabha Road front. On October 20, they also red-marked the verandah of the main building facing Nabha Road, a mosque, and a portion of the GPO’s building adjacent to the Postal Life Insurance building, as per a news source.
Reportedly, postal officials were in the process of contacting higher authorities in Islamabad and preparing for a presentation to the Punjab government emphasizing the building’s historical importance. An official notice regarding the acquisition of the GPO premises has not been issued so far, they said.
But metro train officials warned the red-marked parts will be needed for the project. Postal officials vow to resist, according to the news source.