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News from KPK where being a patwari is no longer fun

November 27, 2013 • news


There is a lot that’s happened in 2013 in the country from election to an array of new development projects across the various cities of the country. KPK in general is a province that mostly remains in news because of the drone strikes, NATO supplies or/and the poor law and order situation and little or no attention is given to other matters that go on in the province. While some believe nothing has changed in the province, our sources report that it’s not true for the patwaris of KPK.

I have numerously written and expressed our dislike for the entire patwari system which I believe poses a threat to the entire realty sector of Pakistan. Over the years, people have come to associate patwaris with extortionists who thrive on bribery and are eating away at the most precious asset of Pakistan – real estate. The situation in KPK however changed for the better and in the favour of the people. According to our sources in KPK, being a patwari in the province is no longer fun as the new government, as per its promise, has been dealing with the ‘situation’ with an iron hand which has evidently irked the patwari community.

The new KPK government promised change, and while it may have not performed as well as some of the folks were expected it to on most accounts, this patwari system seems to be an exception. It won’t be wrong to say that bribery has pretty much become the bread and butter of the patwari system in the country. Eliminating corruption from this one system alone was an onerous task which seems to have been accomplished in KPK so hats off to them.

I do hope, pray, and wish that we would get to see this much needed change in other provinces of Pakistan as well where people are waiting to be rescued.