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Pictorial update on Quaid Villas Bahria Town Karachi

July 4, 2015 • news

In my previous post on Quaid Villas, Bahria Town Karachi, I discussed the development, possession and construction quality of these houses in great detail. Each Quaid Villa, located in Precinct II, spans 200 square yards and is a symbol of luxurious living, and I can say that because I witnessed the excellence of Quaid Villas myself on my visit to Bahria Town Karachi last month.

Bahria Town has now completed a model villa, which has been adorned with beautiful furniture and other assorted goodies. Some pictures of this villas are available with us, courtesy of Bahria Town Karachi Marketing Executive Mr Nadeem Akhtar.

Possession: Mr Akhtar told Zameen.com that Bahria Town would hand over possession of Quaid Villas in 2016.

Witness the exquisiteness of the model Quaid Villa in the images below:

IMG-20150630-WA0000 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0001 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0002 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0003 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0004 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0005 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0006 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0007 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0008 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0010 [800x600] IMG-20150630-WA0011 [800x600] IMG-20150703-WA0007 [800x600] IMG-20150703-WA0008 [800x600]

For your convenience, given below is the payment schedule of the 200 square yard Quaid Villas.

Account Head Due Amount Due Date
Processing Fee (non-refundable) Rs 5,000 September 10, 2014
Token Rs 1,550,000 September 10, 2014
Instalment # 1 Rs 660,000 November 30, 2014
Instalment # 2 Rs 720,000 February 28, 2015
Instalment # 3 Rs 720,000 May 31, 2015
Instalment # 4 Rs 720,000 August 31, 2015
Instalment # 5 Rs 720,000 November 30, 2015
Instalment # 6 Rs 720,000 February 29, 2016
Instalment # 7 Rs 720,000 May 31, 2016
Instalment # 8 Rs 720,000 August 31, 2016
Total 7,250,000

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