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Punjab considers banning plastic bags

June 30, 2019 • news

Lahore: Punjab government is considering banning the use of plastic bags in the province in phases – a news source reported.

A meeting of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) held on Thursday looked into the matter.

Secretary Salman Ijaz, EPA Director General Tanveer Jabbar, UET Professor Dr Yasir Gill, Polymer Labs PCSIR Incharge, Dr Saira Taj, representatives from the WWF and the Plastic Bags Manufacturers Association, were all present at the meeting.

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Speaking on the occasion, the secretary said that the use of plastic bags came with a very high cost to the environment; with debilitating affects to human health. He stated that countries around the world had begun banning the use of plastic bags; while some had enforced restrictive laws against their production.

He also initiated three committees: a legislative committee, a technical committee, and a committee to look after the social and economic impacts of the use of plastic bags. These groups have been directed to submit their recommendations on this issue in the coming period.